• Sequence Analysis
    1. B. rapa

      - Characterization of the genome of B. rapa through BAC-end sequence analysis
        : Analysis of 12017 BAC-end sequences
      - Comparative mapping ; alignment of BAC-ends of B. rapa to Arabidopsis chromosomes
      - Evolution in triplicated genomic sequences
      - Characterization of tandemly satellite DNAs associated with centromere
      - Searching of microsatellites in genomic sequences and ESTs
      - 1438 Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) analysis

    2. Korean ginseng

      - Characterization of the genome using BAC-end sequence analysis
        (Published in Mol. Gen. Genomics (2004) 271:709-716)


  • Construction of Database
    • - Construction of Contig (physical mapping) DB in B. rapa
      - Construction of genetic lingkage map DB in B. rapa
      - Construction of primer DB using protein-coding regions (genes) of Arabidopsis
        for cloning useful genes and comparative genomics in B. rapa
      - Arabidopsis genome DB using ACEDB

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