BAC Library


1. Proceeding research

  • Cloning for clubroot resistance gene using positional cloning in the brassica rapa.

2. Results of research

  • Construction of Brassica BAC library (KBrH, KBrB) for genome project.
  • Constuction of Korea Ginseng BAC library (PGxH) for Research.
  • Construction the BAC library (KBrS) for cloning the clubroot resistance gene.


  ENZYME No. of clone Average insert size Genome Coverage
KBrH Hind III 56,483 115 kb 11
KBrB BamH 50,688 125 kb 11
KBrS BamH I 14,256 125 kb 3.5
PGXH Hind III 106,368 98.61 kb 3.33

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