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80 2009. In silico-Selection of Brassica rapa Organelle Genome-Derived BACs Using Their End Sequences and Sequence Level Comparative Analysis of the 124 kb Mitochondrial Genome Sequences in the Family Brassicaceae.
79 2009. Factors for high frequency plant regeneration in tissue culture of Indian mustard . file
78 2009. 배추 Trehalose 합성 유전자와 연관된 DNA 마커개발. file
77 2009. High frequency plant regenaration from transverse thin cell layers in Indian mustn, file
76 2008. Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Astaxanthin and Capxanthin on the Pigmentation of Egg York.
75 2008. Herbicide-resistant Transgenic Mongolian Bentgrass (Agrostis mongolica Roshev.) obtained by Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation. file
74 2007. The use of molecular markers to certify clubroot resistant (CR) cultivars of Chinese cabbage. file
73 2007. 국내 배추뿌리혹병균, Plasmodiophora brassicae의 race와 그 우점양상. file
72 2007, 신재생에너지의 최종 대안으로서의 유채.
71 2006. 유전체 연구 분야의 바이오정보 표준화 동향.
70 2006. Brassica Genome Project Initiatives - Current Status and Prospective.
69 2006. The Expression of a Cytosolic Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase, a Key Enzyme in Sucrose Biosynthesis, Gene Was Diurnally Fluctuated and Increased in Cold Acclimated Leaves of Chinese cabbage.
68 2005. Unusual Orientation of cDNAs Found in a cDNA Library. file
67 2005. Linkage Between Brown Planthopper Resistance gene and Salt Tolerance in Rice.
66 2004. Characterizing Salt Stress Response in a Rice Variety and Its Salt Tolerant Lines Derived from In Vitro Mutagenesis. file
65 2004. An Improved Plant Regeneration Protocol Using Cotyledonary Explants from Inbred Lines of Chinese Cabbage . file
64 2004. Oriental, Martgon, 및 Trumpet Group을 화분친으로 상용한 백합의 종간수분. file
63 2003. DNA chip 제작을 위한 로봇시스템의 개발. file
62 2003. 콜로니 픽킹 로봇 시스템의 개발 (I) -콜로니 검출 영상처리 알고리즘. file
61 2003. Selection and Characterizations of S-Aminoethyl-L-Cysteine Resistant Plants from Gamma Ray Irradiated Embryogenic Callus in Sweet Potato. file

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